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What's new

Dealers talk and we listen! MacDB2000 is constantly being improved by the 150+ dealers that use it.

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November 2017 (ver.

  • Implemented HTTPS support in Youtube.
  • Replaced Flash embed code for universal browser support.

March 2017 (ver.

  • Corrected deletion of all photos when deleting machine record.

December 2015 (ver.

  • Altered meta-tags for search engine improvements.
  • Improved XML export of equipment inventory.

April 2015 (ver.

  • Made all website inventory pages "Mobile-Friendly" on Google!

October 2014 (ver.

  • Fixed bug that inserts blank equipment records when updating from Invoice.

September 2014 (ver.

  • Increased website "Directory" name length to 30 characters.

June 2014 (ver.

  • Fixed bug that prevented copy to/from history.
  • Modified insert new machine function to exclude certain fields.

May 2014 (ver.

  • Enhanced equipment detail reports and added field bookmarks for purchase from details.

November 2014 (ver.

  • Fixed a bug in the XML Export.

August 2013 (ver.

  • Created XML Export of website inventory.

July 2013 (ver.

  • Altered formatting of photos in quotations.
  • Added category and subcategory tags to XML export.

April 2013 (ver.

  • Added support for MS Office 2013.
  • Fixed issues with highlighted inventory items.
  • Added preference setting for user defined path to photos on web.

March 2013 (ver.

  • Added "Export All" to XML import feed to

February 2013 (ver.

  • Altered spacing of photos in quotations.
  • Additional enhancements to XML import feed to
  • Added highlighting of "Pending Sale" inventory items in lists.

March 2012 (ver.

  • Added "Lightbox" capabilities to website generation. Click photo at right for demo.

March 2012 (ver.

  • Additional enhancements to XML import feed to
  • Improved HTML generation capabilities.

February 2012 (ver.

  • Additional enhancements to XML import feed to

November 2011 (ver.

  • Added support for XML import feed to

May 2011 (ver.

  • Added support for and compatibility with MS Office 2010. For information on proper installation of MS Office 2010.

February 2011 (ver.

  • Added Catalog Report of equipment by Category and Subcategory.
  • Added Catalog Report of equipment without pricing.
  • Added Logo to Catalog Reports.
  • Modified Wanted Priorities.
  • Modified Filtering of Contacts

June 2009 (ver.

  • Added "Notes" memo field to equipment record.
  • Added "Sales Groups" feature for multi-salesman lead tracking.
  • Added user defined picklist selection for "Sales Groups".
  • Added Email Address field for Assistant Contact.
  • Added "No Email" prevention for Assistance Contact.
  • Added Email Address field for Secondary Contact.
  • Added "No Email" prevention for Secondary Contact.

September 2008 (ver.

  • Added automatic "Listed By" field for contacts.
  • Added override preference to "Listed By" field for equipment.
  • Automated extraction and generation of embedded YouTube video.
  • Added comprehensive export capabilities to CSV, Excel and XML.
  • Added single-click compression of equipment photos.

July 2008 (ver.

  • Added "Products Used" field for contacts.
  • Added automatic "Listed By" for equipment.
  • Added Auto-update of "Date Modified" for equipment.
  • Added drop-down menu selection for "Brochure URL" link.
  • Created separate folder for thumbnail photos to address Linux server
  • limitations.
  • Search Engine Enhancements:
  • All references to link to root level.
  • Removed "alt" tags on bullet images.

March 2008 (ver.

Added capability to link any file on the Internet to any individual inventory item, such as brochures, specsheets, schematics, etc.
Incorporated above link into website generation.
Incorporated above link into quotations.
Added one-click buttons for YouTube video and brochures.

February 2008 (ver.

Implemented embedding of YouTubeŽ video into website generation to enable remote hosting of video on
Added linking to YouTubeŽ video in MS WordŽ quotations.

October 2007 (ver.

Implemented linking of YouTubeŽ URL into website generation to enable remote hosting of video on
Improved embedding of graphics, text files and HTML code within generated website pages.

August 2007 (ver.

Embedded customized text files into website generation at 4 locations (header, middle, lower, footer)
Added user preference for machine index page (machines.htm) generation.
Improved "no-cache" meta tags in inventory pages to set immediate expiration and prevent caching of inventory pages to ensure display of updated information to the customer.

July 2007 (ver.

Moved Warranty icon to beneath pictures on machine detail pages.
Added Asking Price display to category detail pages.

May 2007 (ver.

Added capability to double-click "for sales" by customer and jump directly to inventory record.
Forced formatting of email field to lowercase.
Enhanced Joint-Venture reports with additional summary information.

April 2007 (ver.

Tested and confirmed compatibility with Microsoft Vista operating system.
Tested and confirmed compatibility with Microsoft Word 2007.
Added support for international date formats.

February 2007 (ver.

Increased the size of contact title fields to 60 characters.
Added preference colors for highlights of history and non-inventory status Items.
Added Equipment Value Summary Reports.

December 2006 (ver.

Added XYZ parameters to support sorting and filtering of machine specifications.
Highlighting of non-inventory machines to clearly identify brokerage, consignment, available, dealer and joint-venture items.
Preference setting to alter tabs to buttons and vice versa.
Added comprehensive joint-venture reports.

July 2006 (ver.

Incorporated support for Hartford Steam Boiler Warranty information and links in quotations and website generation.

February 2006

Improved PDF export of Invoices and Purchase Orders.
Enabled preferential read-only and auto-edit capabilities to prevent inadvertent data editing.
Permitted custom naming of export CSV files.

December 2005

Added Microsoft Excel formatted export of advertising lists for industry publications. Compatible with Surplus Record, etc.

November 2005

Improved website generation of inventory detail pages to place "specifications" beneath thumbnail photos.
Improved website generation of inventory detail pages to place "equipped with" beneath specifications.
Altered functionality of quote cart to display when items are added.
Enabled ascending and descending sort order for activities report.
Added "select all" capability to broadcast email.

September 2005

Our pay-as-you-go plan enables all the features of MacDB2000 and includes support, maintenance and product updates!
Improved prospecting on SIC Codes, Machines Used and Manufacturers Used.
User defined and automated photo reduction. Pick the horizontal and vertical dimensions and MacDB2000 will automatically reduce and optimize the photos for the web. Original photos remain untouched.

August 2005

Link individual machine details pages to video of the machine running! Added support for multiple format video in website generation. User defined video formats supported.
Advertising lists can now be easily exported to Excel formats utilized by Surplus Record and Locator. Simply select the publication, view the report listing and save to Excel format...

March 2005

Enhanced the website generation to offer two styles of layout for the listing of equipment by category. Users can now select "detail" to generate greater detail and thumbnail photos in the category listing.
Added automatic insertion of "header" and "footer" text into all levels of website generation, permitting the automatic inclusion of javascript, html, and keyword stuffing* into MacDB2000 generated web pages.
*not recommended, but hey, who are we to tell you what to do?

January 2005

Added one page website. Automatically generate a one page website containing all inventory sorted by category. Ideal for mirror website listings.
Added capability to save invoices, purchase orders and shipping requests as Adobe PDF files. Ideal for attaching to email.

November 2004

Added automatic hyperlink capability in quotations. Links point to the machine detail page on website. Can be used as an alternative to photos in the quotation document. Works only with MacDB2000 generated websites.
Automated updating inventory from invoice screen for items listed as sold. Fields updated include sold to, sold price, sold date, status, salesperson.

October 2004

Added "Machine Codes" to Categories and Subcategories, providing complete integration of Industry Standard Codes throughout MacDB2000.
Increased User Defined Contact fields to 10 with complete customization of drop down values.

August 2004

Added "Priority" status to Wanteds.
Increased User Defined Contact fields to 10 with complete customization of drop down values.

April 2004

Added "Void" status to Invoices with capability to show/hide voided invoices.
Added "Void" status to Purchase Orders with capability to show/hide voided Purchase Orders.

March 2004

Added Shopping Cart to website generation. Click here for a demo...
Cart allows website viewer to select multiple machines.
Cart allows removal of machines from cart.
Checkout cart ensures accurate customer information.
Restored right-click cut, copy and paste.

February 2004

Added support for currency conversion.
Added support for quoting in any currency.
Added equipment templates:
Quickly and easily add new inventory items with common machine descriptions.
Convert any existing inventory items to equipment templates.
Browse and edit equipment templates.
Added right-click shortcut menus to quickly access common functions.

December 2003

Increased the number of contact user defined fields to ten, each with its own automated lookup capability.
Added automatic matching of "Wanteds" with machine inventory.
Added automatic matching of new machine inventory with "Wanteds".
Enabled automatic quoting of matching wanteds and inventory.

November 2003

Added a comprehensive "Planner/Scheduler" and "Task List" capabilities:
Day Planner/Scheduler/Alarm notification.
Task List by date updated by quote activity.
Reports for both Planner/Scheduler and Task List.
Changed photos to enable user to define:
Maximum number of photos per machine.
Number of photos per quote.
Number of photos per inventory item on website.

October 2003

Added "Title" field for contact records.
Added "Inventory By Category" report.
Added capability to sort website inventory by description, stock number or subcategory sort fields.

September 2003

Added the capability of displaying up to 99 photos per machine in the application and on the website.
Improved website generation to incorporate more and better hyperlinks and meta tags for search engine optimization and ranking.
Added "Date Listed" and "Date Modified" on Machine Detail.
Created customized "default" invoice and purchase order memos.

August 2003

Added capability to track Wanteds, For Sales, and Purchased by contact.
Added "Export to Outlook" capability.
Prior Enhancements
MacDB2000 has been constantly improved since 1997.